Our SecondGreen Schools Flag

May 2019: Huge congratulations to the Green School's Committee and to Ms. Cleary, Ms Mahony and Ms Walsh on getting the second green flag for the school. The theme for this flag is Energy! Thank you also to Bishop John Kirby, Fr Augustine and to Fr Geraghty for helping us raise the flag! 




May 2019: Below are some of the pictures which were taken at the Green School Flag presentation in Galway at the beginning of May. Some of our Green School Committee and Ms Cleary collected our second greenflag! 


Our First Green SchoolFlag

We have received our first Green Flag! The theme is litter and waste. It is a good starting point for encouraging a sense of personal pride and responsibility. We are hoping to reduce our litter waste and increase our recycling. We had a visit fromMark Molloy from the County Council to tell us about the process.

We have a Green Flag Committee which includes pupils representing 1st class to 6th class and four teachers. Our Green Flag Notice Board is located on the ground floor. Check it out for regular updates.

Pupils from 1st to 6th attended a power point presentation on Wednesday 25th February. This was to inform the pupils about what the various ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Click on link below to visit the Green Schools Website :