Welcome to St Ita's!

St Ita's National School is a Catholic school located in the town of Loughrea, Co. Galway.  

Our well resourced school allows the children to engage in meaningful educational experiences and participate in a variety of activities such as; active school projects, art, athletics, band, choir, drama, gaelic games, green schools projects, homework club, tennis, volleyball, Information Technology, Irish dancing, quizzes, and swimming to mention but a few! All of the above activities take place in a spirit of friendship, co-operation and community.

Active School Week! 4th - 7th May 2021

4th May: This week is our annual "Active School Week" and we are looking forward to doing lots of exercises while also having lots of fun! Remember to bring in your runners and school tracksuit each day this week!

Draft Uniform Policy

26th Mar: Please see below a draft version of the uniform policy. Should you wish to make an input on the policy, please email: rosabelle.odburke@stitasloughrea.com

 World Down Syndrome Day!

21st March: Today is World Down Syndrome Day and to celebrate, some of our classes designed lots of socks and created a lovely display in our school hall. Thank your to all involved in making the display.  

NB: Important Information: Return to School

15th March -3rd - 6th Class only

10th March: Please find important information below regarding the return of children in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class on Monday 15th March.

Please download & complete the return to education form for your child(ren) and return it via email to your class teacher. (Download form - type in spaces provided - File - Save As - Title "Child(ren)'s name - Return to Education Form" - Save - Open your email and attach the document. Send to you class teacher) Alternately, download, complete and hand it to your child's teacher on Monday morning.

Click on the buttons below for more information

Please complete on Sunday 14th March

Wearing of the Green!

9th March: On Friday (12th March), for Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Week), we will be wearing green for the day. The children can wear anything that is green!  We are very excited for Friday and for St Patrick's Day! 

NB: Important Information: Return to School

1st March - Junior Infants - 2nd only

26th Feb: Please find important information below regarding the return of children in junior infants, senior infants, 1st and 2nd class on Monday 1st March.

Please download & complete the return to education form for your child(ren) and return it via email to your class teacher. Alternately, download, complete and hand it to your child's teacher on Monday morning.

Click on the buttons below for more information


Please complete on Sunday 28th February

Enrolment 2021-2022

4th Feb: We are now enrolling for the school year 2021-2022. Please click on the button below to download our enrolment pack.

Download the enrolment pack below and fill in the required information in the spaces provided.  

To submit the enrolment pack, click “File”, “Save As” and save your document as “Enrolment 21-22 - with your child’s first name”. Click “Save”. Attach the saved document to an email & send to st.itasecretary1930@gmail.com or alternatively; print, fill in and return to the school

Letter to Parents - Feb 2021

10th Feb: Please click on the button below to see the school newsletter for Jan/ Feb in relation to enrolment and online learning. 

Online Learning and Teaching 2021

29th Jan: Children will not be returning to school on Monday 1st February as per Government and public health guidelines. Online learning and teaching will continue. 

7th Jan: As per Government and public health guidelines, schools will return to online learning until 1st February, when this will be reviewed, based on advice at that time. 

Newsletter- December 2020

21st Dec: Please see attached the school newsletter for December 2020

Christmas art at St Ita's

18th Dec: Well done to all the girls and boys in St Ita's who made such wonderful Christmas art work. Have a look at our video below to get a flavour of the great work! 

Letter from Dr. Tony Holohan

18th Dec: Please click on the button below to access the parental information letter from Dr. Tony Holohan. 

Annual Admission Notice

23rd Sept: Please see below the Annual Admission Notice for St Ita's for the school year 2021/2022. 

important information

Return to School 2020-2021

25th Aug: Please read carefully the documents below which include important information regarding the safe return to school in September.



14th Aug: Please read the documents below regarding the safe return to school. 


Our Virtual Sports Day!

Virtual Sports Day

Here are the links to our virtual sports day pages. Try out as many activities as you like and remember to have loads of  fun! 

Junior Infants - 2nd Class: tiny.cc/sivirtualsportsday20 

3rd - 6th Class: https://sites.google.com/view/st-itas-sports-day/home 

Distant Learning Survey

May 14: Hi all. We are trying to work on improving our quality of teaching and learning in St Itas during this difficult time and would appreciate your feedback. Please take 2 mins to  fill in this short survey! Thank you 😀

unlimited free internet

14th May: Please click on the button below to get a step-by-step guide on how families, who are relying on their phone for connectivity, can move to unlimited internet without having to pay. This is for families/individuals who need internet for school/college work.

School Closure Extended Until Further Notice: Covid-19

13th April: As per Department  and HSE guidelines, St Ita's will remain closed until further notice, with teaching and learning continuing online. We will monitor the national situation and provide updates, as they arise. Please continue to follow all recommended safety measures and practices  from our Government and health officials and stay safe.  

24th March: Today, the Taoiseach, extended the school closure period for the entire country to the 19th April 2020. Please note: this is only a guideline. We await further advice from our Government and our health officials. Please continue to adhere to the recommended safety measures and remain safe. 

12th March: As the Taoiseach announced today, all schools and colleges have to close (effective from 6pm this evening) in order to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This closure will remain in effect from 13th - 29th March 2020, as per Department and HSE guidelines.

Packs of work have been sent home with the children. 

Please continue to practice good hand washing hygiene, avoid mass gatherings and stay safe!

Letter to Parents/ Guardians and Contact

22nd June: Please see Letter to parents below regarding important information. 

5th May: Please see Letter to parents below regarding important information. 

13th April:

  • A quick reminder to those who have yet to contact their teacher(s) and provide an email address, should do so as soon as possible. Please click on the button below to find your teacher(s) contact information. Thank you to everyone who has done so already. 
  • Anyone with no access to emails, can contact the school. Arrangements can be made.  

30th March: Please click the buttons below to get important information regarding the next steps and contact with your child's teacher. 


Homework Assignments:

15th June: The homework assignments for this week will be emailed to the email address you provided or posted out to you. 

13th April:

  • Homework for the week beginning 20th April will be available shortly (Please Click on the class link below)
  • If your child attends support, this will be available on the class page.
  • Work made available before Easter will be in the next section below (under the class links) on this page. They will be available for the coming weeks

30th March: Hi all. Please find below homework from your child's teacher and support teacher, if applicable. Click on the teacher's name/ Class group to get more information.

Homework Assignments:

Please click on your class below to find out more about your work for this week. The most current work available will be at the top of the page. 





Homework Assignments: 30/03 - 04/04

This is the work that was made available before Easter. For more up to date work please click on the classes above! Thank you. 

Junior Infants











Senior Infants







First Class





Second Class





Third Class



Fourth Class



Fifth Class





Sixth Class






Some Resources to Help You!

Please click on the "Kids Zone" button below to get access to class specific resources and alsosome helpful tips and tricks to help your child learn.


30th March: We have added a few new resources to the list above. Please continue to check the website for updated resources. (Updated from 23rd March)

14th March: Our teachers have worked together (remotely!) to gather some of the best resources available to help your child learn while he/ she is at home. We understand that homework was given by teachers but this is to supplement your child's learning. This is the best time and opportunity to be proactive in your child's education! 

Tips and tricks for home learning!

Click the link below for some handy tips and tricks on how you can help the children learn at home! 


Food Dudes: Home Activities:

Keep eating that fruit and veg!

21st April: Hi all, Food Dudes have a "Fun at Home" section on their website and some great ideas for meal times! Have a look at them at: https://www.fooddudes.ie/food-dudes-fun-at-home/

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Current Parents & Enrolment Information

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Green School

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