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27th May: Ms Cleary's class did some amazing art work over the last few weeks! Click on the button below and have a look! 😀

Work for Senior Infants: 20/04 - 24/04

Hi Senior Infants! Welcome back after the Easter break! Hope the Easter bunny was good to you and that you didn't eat too much chocolate! Click on the buttons below to find your work for this week! 







December 2019: Well done to all the boys and girls in senior infants who performed  spectacularly for their families and friends in their Christmas Nativity show. Their speaking and singing were excellent! Well done also to their teachers for putting the shows together!

Have a look at the photos from the few days! 


October 2019: We had a great day dressing up and having lots of fun at the monster cake sale! There were lots of fun games and activities to play! We even got some treats, books, toys and teddies for ourselves! We also went on our Monster Walk! What a fun day! 

Ms Cleary's Junior and Senior Infants! 


Mr Whelan's Senior Infants!

Ms Mitchell's Senior Infants!


Ms O'Brien's Senior Infants!


September 2019: This week, we are working on the numbers 1 to 5. Mr Whelan's class played lots of games and worked very hard during ourmaths stations. Check out some of the pictures below!




September 2019: Mr Whelan's senior infants had lots of fun today with the 5th class girls. They were teaching us how to use "BeeBots". We pressed buttons on the bees and this made them move! Sometimes, they didn't always do what they were told to do but we had fun with the different games! Thanks to Ms O'Brien for organising the bees and to Ms O'Donnell Burke and Ms Ruane for helping us learn the code! Here are some of the photos!   






June 2019: We all went on our Teddy Bear Picnic while the girls from 1st to 6th class went on their school walk! We did lots of fun things! We walked up to the Boys School, we played and explored the field and we also had a teddy bear race! Thank you Ms Regan for letting us use your pitch! We then came back to the school and had a big picnic in the junior yard! Oh what fun we had! 

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June 2019: We are learning lots about money! Here are some photos from Mr. Whelan's class taking part in money maths stations!




June 2019: We went to "Busy Bees" in Oranmore for our school tour! We played with our friends and had a brilliant time! We even had some of our class bears join in on the adventure! Take a look at some of the photos! 






June 2019: We had our Sport for All day today! We played lots of games with eggs, spoons, parachutes, balls, hula hoops and sacks! We even had a few races! We had a great day! 


June 2019: Mr Whelan's class had some senior infant visitors today from Ms Cleary's class. We were learning the /ck/ sound. We made /-ck/ words and played lots of /ck/ games. We all had fun at our phonics stations! 






May 2019: Mr Whelan's senior infants are enjoying their maths stations with Cookie the Bear!  



April 2019: Mr Whelan's class are learning about forests, woods and jungles. They even learnt about some of the animals who live in the rain forest.

They also read the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Now, they are sequencing the story!