Q. What are the school opening times?

**As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, each class has been allocated a group each with a staggered starting time, break, lunch and finishing time. This is to help stop the spread of the virus and to avoid large gatherings of people at any one particular time. 

School Opening:                08:50a.m 

Sos:                                        Grúpa 1: 10:45 – 10:55
                                                Grúpa 2: 11:00 – 11:10

Lón:                                        Grúpa 1: 12.15 – 12:45
                                                Grúpa 2:12:50 – 13:20

Junior & Senior Infants:     1:30p.m
1st to 6th class:                     2:30p.m

Q. When is the school closed during the year?

For a full overview and printable version of our calendar for 2023/2024, click on the parents heading at the top of this page