O'Duffy Camogie Cup!

The O'Duffy All-Ireland Camogie Cup Came to our school!

October 2019: The O'Duffy All-Ireland Camogie cup came to our school today and everyone was very delighted to see it coming! There was a great atmosphere around the school with everyone wearing the county colours in honour of the visit! 

CatrĂ­ona Cormican, a member of the All-Ireland winning camogie team visited the school and gave the girls some wonderful advise on how to keep motivated during training and she even gave then some tips for matches! She also encouraged them to continue to work as hard as possible on their skills! The girls were very excited and asked lots of questions! 

A huge thank you to Ms. Cormican for organising the visit and to Ms Murray for putting up the banners and flags! 

Here are some of the pictures from the day!