January 2021: For now, we are back to online learning until further notice from the Government and NPHET.

We will be continuing the way we have been working up until now but with one additional adjustment

  • E-mail: The week’s work will be emailed each Monday (Same as before)
  • Seesaw: We will still be using the Class “Seesaw” app to upload work (Same as before)
  • New Website: I have set up a class website with explanation videos, tips, notes, games and activities. This will hopefully make it easier for the girls to access the material quicker and (fingers crossed - reduce stress!) The girls should be able to listen to, read and access the material and videos without too much adult input. (Again, hopefully reducing stress)

October 2020: We had a great morning for our Monster Walk! First class really enjoyed it! Thankfully, we didn't get too wet on the way back! Check out some of the photos below.  


September 20: Great to be back in school after a longer break than we thought.